Each programme inevitably involves specialist partners, advice and execution capacity. For these reasons Ceresys has setup specialist networks. Ceresys has has access to entrepreneur network to learn, test and partner in their go-to-market plans. Professional networks allow us to influence and learn from decision-maker communities. The provider networks give access to specialists in fundraising, regulatory, marketing, leadership, talent and short-term capacity augmentation.

Entrepreneur networks

We have access to over 425 startups in various business accelerator networks including NatWest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme and Level39.

Professional networks

We represent your interests and gain insight and advice from membership of the Chartered Institute of Insurers, CBI, and IoD

Provider networks

We work with specialist and enterprise level IT and business service providers as well as professional services providers to legal, marketing, fundraising, consulting and talent acquisition.
Disruptive Executive Hiring
Reach Group
BPO Recruit
Healing Clouds
Recordsure & TCC
Strategic Partners

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